SSS RACE campaign gains support from affected workers of delinquent establishments

DUMAGUETE CITY, Negros Oriental (PIA) — The Social Security System has issued show cause orders to seven delinquent employers in Dumaguete City under its “Run After Contribution Evaders” (RACE) campaign in the city.

This was disclosed by SSS Vice President for Visayas West 1 Division Dr. Lilani Benedian, who said the SSS RACE Team has given delinquent establishments 15 days to comply with their obligations.

Some of the 84 employees affected by the delinquent employers thanked SSS for visiting their establishment.

“Para nako, nalipay ko na mibisita ang mga opisyales sa SSS kay para sa among contributions ma butangan sab sa pila ka months na wala maka remit,” said Maryjane (not her real name), one of the affected workers.

(For me, I am happy that SSS officials have visited our store so that our contributions that have not been remitted for months will be addressed.)

Mayjane hopes that her employer will pay their counterpart contribution to SSS of the 15 affected employees in the company she is working for.

“Akong hangyoon and akong amo na mobayad sa ilang obligasyon sa SSS ug bason maningkamot pud sila na makabayad sa among contributions para sab sa kaayohan namong mga empleyado maka avail sa mga benefits ug aron sab ko maka loan,” she said.

(I will remind my boss to pay their obligations to SSS. Hopefully, they will make an effort to pay the contributions for our security and we can avail of the benefits and I can apply for loans.)

Another affected employee, Richard (not his real name), thanked SSS for their campaign as it would benefit them.

“Wala baya ko kabalo na wala diay mi kuhai ug SSS sa among amo, natingala sab ko ngano naabot ang mga taga SSS diri, salamat na niari sila para sab sa kaayohan namo, ayaw lang ibutang ako ngalan kay mainitan nya ko,” he said.

(I haven’t realized that our boss has not been paying our SSS contributions until they came here. Thanks to them as this is also for our own good.)

For the benefit of employees

Benedian said the RACE campaign aims for delinquent employers to address their deficiencies and comply with their obligations.

“Our intention here is not to run after them to file a case. Our priority is for them to comply so that the benefit or welfare of the employees is protected,” said Benedian.

The delinquent establishments, whose contribution delinquencies totaled P3.3 million, involve a big wholesaler, trading, construction firm, car wash, health service provider, clinic, and pharmacy.

“The RACE is one of the strategies of SSS to collect delinquencies from employers, but we focus on the welfare of the employees,” said Benedian.

The delinquent establishments are issued notices of violations due to unregistered employees, non-remittance of contributions, under-reporting of employees, and employees who were deducted of contributions but failed to remit it to SSS.

SSS offers various programs to help employers and allow them to pay installment schemes for unremitted contributions, contribution penalty condonation, and delinquency management and restructuring programs.

Benedian said that after receiving the order, delinquent employers are given 15 days to coordinate with the SSS branch office in Dumaguete City and settle their contribution delinquencies.

SSS will file legal cases against erring establishments that fail to take action within the 15-day period for violation of the Social Security Act of 2018. (JCT/PIA7 Negros Oriental)

Social Security System’s ‘Run After Contribution Evaders’ (RACE) team led by SSS Vice President for Visayas West 1 Division Dr. Lilani Benedian (2nd from left) sits down with an employer and employee during one of their establishment visits on February 29, 2024 in Dumaguete City. (PIA Negros Oriental)
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