Renewable energy is key in addressing climate change and power supply woes – DENR

TANAY, Rizal (PIA) – The development of a new wind power project in Rizal is set to mark a significant milestone in the government’s commitment to improving renewable energy and promoting sustainable development.

During the groundbreaking ceremony on June 4, attended by officials and representatives from the government and private sector, a director of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) said that the project’s timely commencement is crucial for urgently tackling environment-friendly initiatives.

“Renewable energy like this is crucial in addressing climate change caused by fossil fuel use. This project will help alleviate energy problems by introducing renewable energy. Moreover, we take pride in the fact that this project underwent thorough and lawful processes,” DENR IV-A regional executive director Nilo Tamoria said.

DENR IV-A regional executive director Nilo Tamoria.

The Tanay Wind Power Project, spearheaded by the Tanay Wind Power Corp. in partnership with the Rizal provincial government and the local government of Tanay promises a stable electricity supply at competitive prices, a reduction in dependence on fossil fuels, and contributions to the government’s renewable energy target of 50 percent by 2040.

As the project is situated within the vicinity of a protected area and near Indigenous Peoples’ settlements, the necessary permits and clearances, including a Certificate of Non-Overlap from the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP), approval from the Protected Area Management Board (PAMB) of the Kaliwa Watershed Forest Area, and an Environmental Compliance Certificate from the DENR, were awarded.

Located between the Barangays of San Andres and Cuyambay in Tanay, the wind project will have an installed capacity of 112 MW after its wind energy service contract was approved by the Department of Energy (DOE) and given 25-year concession rights to harness wind resources in the two barangays.

Additionally, ATWC obtained height clearance from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) for the installation of 16 wind turbine towers.

Tanay Mayor Rafael Tanjuatco highlighted the project’s comprehensive planning which is expected to generate tax revenue, create jobs, boost socio-economic activities, enhance the tourism industry, support the educational system, and protect the environment.

 “We carefully considered the environmental impact, the benefits to tourism, and the protection of our citizens. This project deserves support from our government.”

Barangay Captain Sofia Dela Rosa of San Andres, Tanay, expressed optimism that the project will provide alternative and cleaner jobs for the public.

“We hope this project will benefit our citizens, and we expect our constituents here in our barangay to be employed. We also hope our tour guides’ livelihoods remain unaffected during construction. We rely on the support Alternergy promised to our indigenous communities,” Dela Rosa added.

In an interview with Knud Hedeager, President of Alternergy Tanay Wind Corporation, he expressed his dedication to establishing a safe and dependable clean energy source to promote economic prosperity in Tanay and Rizal Province.

“We created a Memorandum of Agreement on how we will operate in the next 18 months. We will work diligently and take care. Safety first, we are a zero-accident company, and we don’t accept any excuses. We also promise to take good care of the tourist guides here. We promise to keep safe the biodiversity that we have in this beautiful part of the country,” Hedeager explained.

To augment and provide additional energy supply to the national grid, a proposed transmission route spans a distance of 30 kilometers, comprising a 115 kV line connecting to the National Grid Corporation (NGCP), a representative of the joint endeavor between the government and private sector in crafting a mutual dedication to renewable energy. (MBIL/PIA-Rizal)

Knud Hedeager, President of Alternergy Tanay Wind Corporation.
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