MIAA prepares for passengers’ surge during Undas 2023

MANILA, (PIA) –The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) is gearing up to handle a significant increase in passenger traffic during the long weekends from late October to early November 2023.

In preparation, MIAA has activated “OPLAN Biyaheng Ayos: Barangay and SK Elections and Undas 2023” and expects about 1.2 million passengers to pass through the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) over the ten-day period starting October 27.

Bryan Co, Officer-in-Charge of MIAA, stated that daily passenger traffic during this period could exceed 130,000, surpassing last year’s average of 94,000 passengers daily and totaling 945,156 for the entire 2022 Undas season. In 2019, there was an average of 129,000 passengers daily, reaching a season total of 1,427,805.

According to MIAA, the current volume of travelers in the first ten days of October, the passenger count has already reached an impressive 1,150,671, with daily counts ranging from 110,000 to 121,000 passengers.

“The third quarter of this year has been NAIA’s best-performing period compared to the previous two quarters. This trend indicates that air travel is on the rise. Based on this scenario, it is crucial for us to proactively plan for a passenger influx comparable to pre-pandemic levels. Additionally, we anticipate that more Filipinos will take advantage of this opportunity to visit their hometowns or even travel abroad for vacations,” Co said.

He assures the public that MIAA, in collaboration with the Department of Transportation (DOTr), is fully prepared to handle the expected surge in travelers. Comprehensive preparations and contingencies have been put in place, ensuring the safety and convenience of all passengers.

“Beyond our standard preparations, contingencies are in place to address any potential issues that may arise across all areas of NAIA operations, including people, processes, and facilities. We have established a strong working relationship with our partner airport stakeholders, creating a support system where everyone understands their roles and the importance of providing a pleasant airport experience for travelers,” added Co.

MIAA encourages travelers to plan their trips thoroughly and arrive at the airport three hours before international flights and two hours before domestic flights. Passengers are also advised to visit airline websites and the following websites of relevant airport agencies for guidance:

– For a list of prohibited items on board an aircraft: Office for Transportation Security (OTS) – ots.gov.ph

– For information on passenger rights: Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) – cab.gov.ph

– For immigration concerns: Bureau of Immigration – immigration.gov.ph

– For customs concerns: Bureau of Customs – customs.gov.ph

– For travel tax payment: tieza.gov.ph/travel-tax/

– For eTravel registration: etravel.gov.ph

For flight information and other inquiries, please refer to the following contact numbers:

– Terminal 1: 88771109 (local 2181)

– Terminal 2: 88771109 (local 2182)

– Terminal 4: 88771109 (local 2184)

– Terminal 3: 88777888 (local 2183)

– MIAA Voice Hotline: 88771111

– MIAA Text Hotline: 09178396242

For airport-related inquiries, MIAA can be reached through its official Facebook account (MIAAGovPH) and Twitter account (@MIAAGovPH), or by contacting their Customer Relations Center via email at [email protected]. The MIAA team is committed to provide assistance and ensure a seamless travel experience for all passengers. (miaa/pia-ncr)

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