Local youth participates in coastal clean in celebration of Linggo ng Kabataan

The City Government led by Mayor Malou Flores-Morillo organizes cleanup drive along coastlines and underwater of the city together with the
local youths of the province on August 16, 2023. (Photo courtesy of Mayor Malou Flores-Morillo)

Marine litter activities in the province of Oriental Mindoro are of significant concern due to its detrimental effects on the coastal ecosystems. The province’s abundant natural resources and diverse marine life make it vulnerable to the impacts of pollution.

Efforts to combat marine litter have been initiated through various means such as policy reforms, community engagement, and coastal clean-up campaigns.

The government has implemented measures like the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act to regulate waste disposal and encourage proper segregation and recycling practices. The City Government of Calapan led by Mayor Malou Flores-Morillo raised awareness and organized cleanup drives along coastlines and underwater of the city.

Furthermore, educational programs targeting the youth in local communities aim to instill a sense of responsibility towards preserving marine ecosystems.

These programs were conducted in Barangay Mahal na Pangalan as part of the celebration of Linggo ng Kabataan on August 12-16 which was managed by the City Youth and Sports Development Department in collaboration with the Sangguniang Kabataan of Calapan City.

About 70 young people from the Local Youth Development Council, City College of Calapan Student Parliament, Boy Scout of the Philippines and many others participated. (GATS/PIA MIMAROPA)

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