Learning program improves Ilonggo students’ literacy, numeracy skills

ILOILO CITY (PIA) — The roll out of “Tib-ong Bumulutho” (tib-ong means uphold; bumulutho means students), a proficiency program that encompasses reading and numeracy remediation activities, has been seen to improve the performance and learning status of students in Iloilo province.

DepEd-Iloilo superintendent Dr. Ernesto Servillon Jr., in a media briefing, noted the improvements in addressing the educational challenges in Iloilo that was intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic, pointing out that the suspension of in-person classes affected the reading and numeracy skills of learners.

Servillon added that the program boosted the proficiency level of some students as 52 schools in Iloilo recorded “zero non-readers”, indicating that all the learners in the identified schools possess the capability to read and comprehend effectively.

Data from DepEd-Iloilo as of March 7 also indicated that 59 schools reported “zero non-numerates, which showed that their students demonstrate proficiency in understanding and solving simple math problems.

“In December 2023, we conducted a post-assessment on reading and numeracy, and we observed a significant decrease in the number and percentage of non-readers and non-numerates. This indicates a notable improvement in the performance of our students,” Servillon said.

DepEd-Iloilo superintendent Dr. Ernesto Servillon Jr. presents the improvement of the literacy and numeracy skills of students in different schools in the province. (PIA Iloilo contributed photo)

Out of 74.45 percent or 168,083 of 225,766 Grades 3 to 11 learners tested during the pre-assessment that showed below standard reading level, the number dropped to 105,320 learners (46.65 percent) in the post-assessment, marking a 27.80 percent improvement.

Servillon also pointed out that the program, which was supported by the provincial government, and other organizations like the ABC+ and the Synegia Foundation, involves implementing and enhancing contextualized district and municipal initiatives on reading and numeracy, noting that these efforts are coordinated by district offices in collaboration with local chief executives and municipal mayors.

He also remains optimistic for the continuous progress of the students’ proficiency level by the end of the academic year, as the data indicates that nine percent of the 1,172 schools in Iloilo province reported improvements in their learners’ numeracy and literacy performance so far. (AAL/JNH/PIA Iloilo)

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