DOT urges LGUs to participate in annual Cordillera Festival of Festivals

BAGUIO CITY(PIA) — The Department of Tourism in the Cordillera (DOT-CAR)  is encouraging  local government units (LGUs) to participate in the annual “Cordillera Festival of Festivals”   in support to the  development and promotion of the tourism industry in the region.

Lawyer Brenden Quintos of DOT-CAR presented to the Regional Development Council-Sectoral Committee on Economic Development during its 4th  Quarter meeting on November 21, 2023  a proposed resolution enjoining :LGUs  in the region to participate in the Cordillera Festival of Festivals, and for the regional line agencies and LGUs to prioritize the festival in their product development plans and implementation initiatives.

DOT-CAR has initiated the conduct of the Cordillera Festival of Festivals in October 2022, and had its second staging  this November in Baguio City.  This is a  showcase of the different major festivals of the provinces in one venue.

Quintos said  this  festival is an annual activity led by DOT-CAR  to provide a venue for the convergence between tourism and culture, and the increasing interest of visitors in cultural experiences embracing sustainable tourism and providing opportunity for sustainable development.

The “Cordillera Festival of  Festivals” is consistent with Republic Act 9593,  otherwise known as Tourism Act of 2009, which identified the role of the state in developing responsible tourism “as a strategy for environmentally sound and community participatory tourism programs, enlisting the participation of local communities, including indigenous peoples, in conserving bio-physical and cultural diversity, promoting environmental understanding and education, providing assistance in the determination of ecotourism sites and ensuring full enjoyment of the benefits of tourism by the concerned communities”.

Quintos  pointed out that the DOT-CAR recognizes the need to further improve and refine its programs, in collaboration with partner agencies and industry key players, to bring about opportunities to further improve its role in its campaign to help the country’s economy.

“One of the Tourism Industry Products of the country is festival and events, taking into consideration that although it is for the domestic market, it brings with it international appeal. Festivals contribute to promoting and branding destinations, maintaining and preserving local traditions and diversities, and harnessing and rewarding authenticity.”

The Cordillera Administrative Region aims to lay down the foundation for inclusive growth, a high-thrust and resilient society, and globally competitive knowledge economy through the promotion of Cordillera culture and values as embodied in the Regional  Development Plan, Quintos added.

According to him, as global tourism is on the rise and competition between destinations intensifies, unique local and regional intangible cultural heritage become increasingly the discerning factor for the attraction of tourists. As CAR  continuously pursues to raise global competitiveness, cultural tourism plays a pivotal role in spurring interest among domestic and international travelers.

Said resolution was approved by the SeCom on Econ Dev Committee and was endorsed to the RDC-CAR for approval. (JDP/MAWC-PIA-CAR)

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