Burnham Park lake made more enticing

BAGUIO CITY (PIA) – – The Burnham Park lake is now more enticing with its placid blue water.

The City Government of Baguio, in partnership with the Baguio Tourism Council, launched on Tuesday (February 14) “BLUE-ming Burnham Lake” project to showcase the cleansed and revitalized water of the lake at the heart of Burnham Park.

City officials headed by Mayor Benjamin Magalong with other guests and stakeholders enjoyed the Valentine’s Day morning with a simple boating show and a serenade at Burnham Lake.

Performers serenade park visitors during the Valentine’s Day “BLUE-ming Burnham Lake” program. (CCD/PIA CAR)

City Tourism Officer Aloysius Mapalo said that in celebration of Hearts’ Day, the city government wanted to show its love for Baguio by beautifying the lake. This is one of the efforts in providing better environment and good quality of life for the residents as well as the visitors.

Mapalo shared that in partnership with the Baguio Tourism Council, they have found a new technology that uses organic inoculants that eliminate algae that causes obnoxious odor, turbid color and dirt to the lake. It also turns the water blue adding to aesthetic appeal.

City Environment and Park Management Office Head Atty. Rhenan Diwas explained that what is beneficial on the technology used in Burnham Lake is that it is organic. With simple application, it improves the quality of water towards the acceptable Biological Oxidation Demand (BOD) standard, and at the same time, it makes the water blue.

Diwas assured that the City Government through the CEPMO will maintain such quality of water at Burnham Lake by including its maintenance to the regular work and financial plan.

Through the initiative of Mayor Benjamin Magalong, the city government has been investing on the revitalization and beautification of parks and other tourist destinations among its other environment protection and preservation projects. It has already rehabilitated the Baguio Botanical Garden and is now revitalizing the Reflection Pool at the upper part of Wright Park. (JDP/CCD-PIA CAR)

Baguio folks and visitors enjoy boat ride at Burnham Lake on Valentine’s Day. (CCD/PIA CAR)

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