Biliran fire chief shares safety tips amidst increasing grassfire incidents

NAVAL, Biliran (PIA) — The acting provincial fire marshal of the Bureau of Fire Protection in Biliran, Fire Senior Inspector Zardoz V. Abela, provided fire safety tips during the first quarter meeting of the Provincial Statistical Committee (PSC) amid the increasing number of grassfire incidents in Biliran Province.

Abela shared essential fire safety tips for homes and establishments, emphasizing measures such as preventing electrical overloading, checking for faulty wiring, practicing good housekeeping habits, observing proper smoking etiquette, and installing smoke alarms and fire extinguishers.

He also emphasized the importance of properly disposing of cigarette stubs and extinguishing them to prevent grass fires.

Fire Senior Inspector Zardoz V. Abela, acting provincial fire marshal of the Bureau of Fire Protection in Biliran, demonstrated how to use a fire extinguisher before Provincial Statistics Committee (PSC) members. (Photo: PIA Biliran)

From January to March this year, the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) recorded 28 grassfires, three residential fires, and one fire incident in a school building.

Abela advised anyone who notices a fire to call the nearest fire station immediately for a response instead of taking videos.

The Fire Prevention Month celebration is anchored with this year’s theme, “Sa pag-iwas sa sunog, hindi ka nag-iisa.”

In case of a fire incident, you can contact the province’s hotline numbers for immediate assistance. You may call BFP Province at 09171636020, 0969189253, or 500-8616; Almeria Fire Station at 09171293672; Biliran Fire Station at 09772690942; Cabucgayan Fire Station at 09171886613 or 09125878288; Caibiran Fire Station at 09171150372; Culaba Fire Station at 09674316164; Kawayan Fire Station at 09533949486; and Naval Fire Station at 09273509667 or 09480243466. (MLT, PIA Biliran)

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