BFP road show trains students how to become emergency first responders

DAET, Camarines Norte (PIA)  – As part of its initiative to enhance public safety, the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) conducted emergency response training to around 600 students from different schools in Camarines Norte.

Sam Melvin Evia, a 10th-grade student at Sarah Jane Ferrer High School, learned the ins and outs of firefighting, thanks to the BFP’s “Fire Square Roadshow.”

Now, he’s taking it one step further.

“I learned how to tie knots in a way that ensures they are secure and reliable during emergencies, such as earthquakes or fires,” Evia told the Philippine Information Agency.

He expressed his willingness to share his knowledge with his family, relatives, neighbors and friends.

Kyla Lopez, a senior student at Vinzons Pilot High School, said knowing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) would not only help her assist her family in case of an emergency but also would allow her to provide immediate aid to someone in public who may experience fainting or a heart attack.

Lopez also said she has big plans after graduation.

“My first aid training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) inspires me to pursue a career in the medical field, following in the footsteps of my grandmother,” she said.

The trainees received high praises from the BFP.

“The trainees are performing well. Learning fundamental skills outside a classroom environment strengthens their ability to learn and retain information,” BFP Provincial Fire Marshal Adonis Osea said.

Students watch the different knot tying techniques and its application during the fire square roadshow of the BFP. (PIA5/Camarines Norte)

During the training, the students were taught how to identify the most critical action they can take during a life-threatening emergency and the proper way of performing CPR.

They received hands-on training using a CPR mannequin to enhance their skills.

One of the stations of the roadshow, ropemanship and knot tying, taught the students how to identify different types of ropes, their functions, and how to use techniques to apply them.

It emphasized the importance of knot-tying skills in day-to-day life, particularly during emergencies.

The roadshow, which took place from March 12 to 15 at SM City Daet, included various stations where students were given lectures and hands-on training on how to respond to different

disasters, such as fire, and earthquake, among others, that they may encounter in their daily lives.

It also showcased a static display of equipment by the BFP, bandaging and splinting techniques, electrical safety guidelines, firefighting techniques, warning signages and safety practices, disaster preparedness lectures, a fire ladder game, and a redemption booth.

The Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction Management Act underscores the necessity of being prepared for any disaster, natural or man-made, to prevent or lessen its effects. (PIA 5/Camarines Norte)

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