Army’s 803rd Brigade dismantles four guerrilla fronts in Northern Samar

CATARMAN, Northern Samar (PIA) – As a result of their extensive operations to end local communist armed conflict, the 803rd Brigade was able to dismantle four guerrilla fronts and cleared 232 Konsolidado, Kinokonsolida Expansion and Recovery (KKER) barangays in their area of responsibility.

According to the 803rd Brigade Commander, Brigadier General Efren F. Morados, the meaningful milestone was attained through the blood, sweat, and tears of every peacemaker and the unwavering support of the stakeholders who worked to achieve an enduring and sustainable peace.

Morados informed that four (4) battalions namely: 52IB, 74IB, 3IB, and 4SRB were placed on operational control under the brigade’s command to strengthen and augment their security efforts and to secure the communities of Northern Samar, 1st District of Samar, and parts of Eastern Samar.

He said a total 92 CTG personalities were neutralized, 70 firearms were either captured or surrendered, and in the process, they deradicalize, reorganize and reorient the members of the underground mass organization that served as the backbone of the armed struggle in the provinces.

“The fruits of our efforts manifested in the surrender of 4,567 underground mass organization, 1,496 batakang organisasyong pampolitika, and 2,067 militia ng bayan,’’ Morados said.

With these accomplishments, the communist group’s ability to undertake ideological, political and organizational mass work has been stopped.

The brigade commander pointed out that for the past eight months under his command there was no recorded burning incidents of construction equipment or extortion activities and harassment perpetrated by the CTG’s.

He said their invaluable achievements proved that the 803rd peace maker brigade has continued to be true to their oath and creed as a defender and guardian of democracy and advocate of peace and development.

As of this writing, no more active guerilla fronts in the province since it was dismantled in June and September, this year, it was learned. (MMP/TBC/PIA Northern Samar)

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