25 more PNP officers join UN peace-keeping mission in South Sudan

MANILA, (PIA) –Philippine National Police Chief, Police General Benjamin C. Acorda Jr., led the send-off ceremony for 25 police officers who are set to be deployed to the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).

In his send-off message to the PNP contingent, PGen. Acorda emphasized the significance of the Philippines’ unwavering commitment to international peacekeeping efforts.

“In line with our noble peacekeeping missions aimed at promoting global peace and security, we gather here today to bid farewell to 25 courageous officers who will be deployed to the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS),”Acorda said during the send-off ceremony which took place on October 2, 2023.

The Philippines has a long-standing tradition of contributing to UN peacekeeping missions. Over the years, Filipino police officers have consistently served with honor and distinction in various UN operations worldwide, often in challenging conflict zones, where they risk their lives to protect vulnerable communities and uphold the principles of the United Nations.

“To the 25 members of the PNP contingent who are embarking on this mission, you are about to represent the PNP, our nation, and our people on an international stage,” PGen. Acorda emphasized. “Your journey will be arduous, filled with both triumphs and trials, but I have absolute confidence that you will carry our flag with unwavering pride and unwavering integrity.”

As these officers prepare to venture forth to South Sudan, the PNP Chief encouraged them to serve with honor, courage, and unwavering dedication. He urged them to return home safely, knowing that their country is immensely proud of their service.

The event, was also attended by dignitaries and officials, including Secretary Antonio Ernesto F. Lagdameo Jr., the Special Assistant to the President.

During the ceremony, Secretary Lagdameo Jr., addressed the contingent, emphasizing the significance of their mission and the trust that the nation places in their hands. His heartfelt insights and words of encouragement were a profound source of inspiration for the officers as they prepared to face the challenges ahead.

In conclusion, PGen. Acorda extended his heartfelt best wishes to the 25 PNP contingent members, acknowledging the sacrifices they are making by leaving behind the comforts of home, the warmth of their families, and the familiar streets of their nation. He praised their willingness to venture into an environment fraught with uncertainty and danger, commending them for their selflessness and profound sense of duty to uphold the ideals of the United Nations.

“Mabuhay kayong lahat! May your journey be safe, your mission successful, and your hearts filled with the pride of serving humanity,” he concluded.

As these dedicated officers embark on their mission in South Sudan, the Philippines stands united in wholeheartedly supporting their noble efforts to promote peace and security on the global stage. (pnp/pia-ncr)

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