2.3k Abrenians to take the Mar. 26 CSE exams

BANGUED, Abra (PIA) –- More than 2,000 Abrenians    have filed their application for the Career Service Eligibility Pen and Paper Test (CSE-PPT) set on March 26, 2023,

The Civil Service Commission (CSC)-Abra Field Office reported that as of January 23, a total of 2,080 Abrenians filed for the professional level while a total of 243 filed for the Sub-professional level exams.

CSC-Abra  Provincial Director Atty. Emily Balungay said in an interview they  added  250 slots just to accept more applications for the exam this year.

“This year, we have accepted more applicants since we can now cater more examinees compared to the recent years during the pandemic when we can only accept a limited number of applicants, ” she said.

Balungay said 35 rooms at the University of Abra – Bangued Campus and 61 rooms at the Abra High School, Bangued will be utilized as testing centers.

To keep everyone safe during the day of examination, Balungay said they will still be observing the minimum health standards especially the wearing of face masks.

“We will be needing more test administrators since there are more examinees this coming March. So, I already requested more test administrators from UA, Abra High and DepEd,” she said.

Balungay clarified that the CSC is not endorsing any review center for the CSE Exams. She explained that the use of CSC logo by review centers as well as in some review booklets is prohibited since the CSC has not recommended and likewise not in partnership with any review center.

Sharing tips to examinees, “I would like to remind our examinees to prepare themselves mentally and physically before taking the examination. If they’re not sure about the answer, they can always get back on it so that it is more time efficient. If they really do not know the answer, do not leave the questions blank and put a guess answer at least, to increase your chance in getting a higher score.”

She informed that the exam contains questions that will test the numerical ability, verbal ability and analytical ability. It also has questions on general information particularly the Philippine Constitution and the Code of Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees.

The passing rate for both professional and sub-professional level is 80 percent.%. (JDP/CAGT – PIA CAR, Abra)

CSC-Abra FO Provincial Director Atty. Emily Balungay shares some updates on their preparations for the upcoming CSE Exams on March 26, 2023. (CAGT – PIA CAR, Abra)

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